Thursday, September 22, 2011

Scientists discover faster than light particles...


Scientists discover faster than light particles...

This is a time-lapse photo taken by the Chandra X-Ray Telescope with an exposure time of about 30 hours.

It is looking straight down the center of a galactic jet from a super-massive black hole.
What i see is X-rays falling away from the center like a spray of water which is blue.
all you see in the center is white, and beyond the white that you cannot see is most of the energy emitted.
As you fall away from the center the speed slows down from the invisible to the visible like a spray of a water jet...
That would explain the energy conversion based on how much energy gets pulled in...
The black hole is massive in comparison to it's galactic jets, but the jets are spewing most of the energy in faster than light particles.
That's the dark energy.
It's dark because it is moving faster than the speed of light and cannot be seen, and is everywhere...

You heard it hear first...



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