Saturday, June 13, 2009

Electricity From Waste Cooking Oil

WORCESTER, Mass. – Columbia Tech, a US-based contract manufacturer, today announced its partnership with Massachusetts-based Owl Power to manufacture the company’s Vegawatt cogeneration system.

The Vegawatt system utilizes waste vegetable oil from restaurant deep fryers as its non-toxic fuel. On average, this fuel produces 10 to 25 percent of a restaurant’s electricity and hot water, reducing energy costs by up to 1,000 dollars per month. Vegawatt is a fully automated system that requires no restaurant staff intervention or maintenance, requires no additional chemicals, and produces no liquid byproducts.

“As Owl Power expands, we need a flexible manufacturing partner that will evolve with us,” said James Peret, President and CEO, Owl Power. “Columbia Tech’s ability to accommodate Owl Power’s rapid development makes the company an ideal partner to build the Vegawatt system, and a valuable long-term partner for our overall business.”

“We are proud to deliver leading-edge domestic manufacturing services so customers can concentrate on growing their business with confidence,” said Chris Coghlin, President and CEO, Columbia Tech. “Helping Owl Power keep manufacturing costs down enables restaurant owners nationwide to benefit from an affordable solution to utilize waste and conserve energy.”

About Owl Power and Vegawatt
Owl Power Company is a Massachusetts-based company that manufactures, installs, and operates clean energy cogeneration systems. The company's flagship product, Vegawatt, is an automated, combined heat and power (CHP) system that utilizes waste vegetable oil as its feedstock. For more information, please visit

About Columbia Tech
Columbia Tech provides the highest degree of manufacturing excellence for customers seeking turnkey manufacturing and global fulfillment services. Its business model contains a unique blend of front-end DFM and NPI services combined with worldwide purchasing leverage and customized manufacturing programs renowned for extreme flexibility and attentiveness to detail. For more information, please visit


This is a must have to save the planet. The all-around savings is immense. How many restaurants are there in the U.S.A. that use cooking oil? How many use hot water? I would venture to say, many of them. If you own a restaurant, or know someone who does, this is definitely worth checking out.



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