Monday, August 16, 2010

WARNING! Do not purchase from and

WARNING! Do not purchase from and

To whom it may concern,

I am very angry right now!
I just opened my package to find, after close inspection, 7 broken CD cases in my order.
The packing for this product was the poorest packing I've ever seen!
There is a lot of mass in 50 CD's & cases and must be packed correctly to survive the shipment, which this was not.
You cannot put that amount of mass in a thin bubble-bag, stick the CD's in the corner of the box, and put a wad of paper in the other corner, seal it up, and expect it to survive shipment.
That is pure stupidity!
Also, nowhere on the ad does it say "5-color pak" which is what i received, and the picture in your ad does not match what you sent me, they are clear on black in the photo. That's called a bait and switch and is illegal!
I expected clear & black like most cases and I assumed that was what I was getting, again, as in the photo.
I bought this because I needed it to do a job right away, and now I have to give my customers fruity colors!  WTF!
I have to use what you sent me because of my deadline (which makes me look like an idiot) so I will be keeping what you sent me, but I want the 7 cases replaced at minimum.
You can send my replacements to the same address you sent the package.
If I have to do anything beyond writing this letter I WILL give you a bad review and you will have to explain to why I no longer will be shopping through them.
The details of my purchase follow:
8/11/2010  3:10:12 PM

Fujifilm 48x CD-R Media - 700MB - 120mm Standard - 50 Pack Slim Jewel Case
* Marketplace Item -- Shipped by: ANTOnline
Qty: 1(50pc.)


Buyer beware...


Robert Stretton
RBS Enterprises

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