Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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Kaef Tv Channel
(707) 444-2323
540 E St, Eureka,CA 95501
Cross Streets: Between US-101 and 6th St

I bought a new digital TV and set it up with auto-channel detection, and channel 23 comes up and says "scrambled" audio, no sound.  I call the station to ask them about the scrambled channel and the person that answered the phone says, "Oh you want to talk to our engineer Ray, he's a real nice guy."  She gave me the number to call Ray, so I called and asked for Ray and they asked who was calling and I gave them my name and was placed on hold for about 30 seconds then Ray answers the phone and says, "this is Ray?" then a pause, so I said, Good afternoon Ray. I have a quick question.  I bought a new TV and your channel audio is scrambled, what can you tell me about it?", and before I finished my question we were disconnected.  I called back and explained we were disconnected.  She put me on hold for about a minute then it went to voice-mail...  Really...(?)

It would appear that KAEF TV 23 here in Eureka could care less if I can get their station or not.  I called back the first person I talked to here in Eureka and told her that Ray was NOT a nice person and refused to take my call, and I want to talk to whom ever is in charge.  She took my name and number and assured me someone would call...  Right... 
They DO NOT care about their public viewers.  I filed a complaint with the FCC as well.  And, I will NOT support their advertisers and I plan to tell them why.  If you want good people that are helpful, care about the public, and good programming turn your TV to KIEM-TV channel 3.


Robert Stretton
RBS Enterprises

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